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Thank You For Visiting Our Web-Site. GOD BLESS YOU EVERYDAY. HE LOVES YOU.  HE LOOKS AFTER YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, & YOUR BUSINESS, EVERY DAY. We proudly support the following Charities: The Kids' Cancer Project, Epilepsy Action Australia, CareFlight, NSW Rural Fire Service Association (NSWRFSA).

HELLO and WELCOME TO OUR HOME PAGE. We look forward to hearing from You too.
You can contact us via e-mail:
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 help@gioiafoods.com    CLICK "PRODUCTS" for full list of products.

IMPORTANT CHANGES  TO  LABELLING LAWS: DO NOT RISK a AU$330 FINE from the authorities. For that money we can set up & print you up to 5000 regulation food labels. Read below about the label requirements.  YOU WORK HARD FOR YOUR MONEY. DON'T WASTE IT ON A FINE. The Food Standards Code requires ALL PACKAGED FOOD to be labelled as follows:
Product Name,  Nutrition information,  country of origin,  weight,  best before/use by date,  supplier’s address, batch no.,  ingredients list,  any possible allergens (gluten, peanut etc),  cooking & storage instructions.

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Gioia Food Products (Services)ABN 76 476 516 681
TELEPHONE CONTACT:                                     
National:       (02) 9645-4134International:    +612 9645-4134  
Mobile Phone: 0412 403 112By cell phone:  +61 412 403 112
FAX:National: (02) 9645-4134 International:   +612 9645-4134
Business Address:  Fortril Ave.Bankstown. Also Wollongong, NSW
PO Box 331
Chester Hill NSW 2162 (Australia)

NEW LINE: TASMANIAN HONEY: REAL LEATHERWOOD Certified Organic. Natural & direct from farm. Wholesale & Retail packaged in economical 3 kg pail, & 500g glass jars GST Free ORDERS/ENQUIRIES TO: honey@gioiafoods.com

NEW NEW SERVICE: Electrical TEST & TAGGING. Our Certificate# is ETT05018. Testing & tagging of any plug-in appliances, extension leads, powerboards, computer leads etc. A person conducting a business & using plug-in electrical appliances must ensure that any unsafe appliance is disconnected & removed from service. It must not be reconnected until it is repaired & tested and found to be safe. An electrical appliance is unsafe if there are reasonable grounds for believing it to be unsafe. ALL OUR BAG SEALERS ARE TESTED & TAGGED BEFORE Sale. GST Free Service  ORDERS/ENQUIRIES EMAILTO:  testntag@gioiafoods.com     

Rolls of plain crystal-clear cellophane-type material known as Polypropylene (BOPP or CPP) sheeting slit to your requirements. Available in 30um, 40um, 50um Click on "Products" for full details   ORDERS/ENQUIRIES TO: rewinds@gioiafoods.com

CLICK "PRODUCTS" ICON  FOR FULL LIST OF PRODUCTS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. Image of 5 stock-size stand-up Bags (side-gusset). Widths 9cm and 13cm. Self-forming rectangular base when filled with your food product.  ORDERS/ENQUIRIES TO: foodbags@gioiafoods.com

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SERVICES" icon for full details. Guaranteed absolutely NO DUPLICATIONS world-wide. ALL ORDERS/ENQUIRIES TO: barcodes@gioiafoods.com

CUSTOM PRINTED LABELS Sample below. Click on "SERVICES" icon for full details and other sample images. ORDERS/ENQUIRIES TO:   foodlabels@gioiafoods.com

 To Order Grandmother's Biscuits  Phone Now: (612) 9823-6929 or 0424 639 037 or email your order to: orders@gioiafoods.com

 WHY NOT JOIN our elite group of proud customers? They include:
 +Italian & Continental Patissiers,
 +Italian Traditional & Home-Style Biscuit Makers,
 +Maltese Traditional & Home-Style Biscuit Makers,
 +Home-Style Cookie Makers
 +Confectionery Manufacturers,
 +Confectionery Wholesalers,
 +Continental Delicatessens,
 +Continental Bakeries,
 +Coffee Roasters,
 +Nut Roasters,
 +Mixed Businesses,
 +Independent Supermarkets,
 +Food Wholesalers,
 +Food Distributors,
 +Food Importers, 
 +Food Exporters,
 +Food Markets,
 +Fruit Markets,
 +Corner stores,
all being purveyors of Quality Australian, Middle-Eastern, Continental & International Foods, including:
Biscuits, chocolate biscuits, cakes, pastries, cookies, biscotti, crackers, flour, breads, bread sticks (grissini), chocolate, coffee, nuts, dry fruits, sugar, sweets, lollies, honey, beans, wheat, bulgur (Turkish wheat), popping corn, rice, rice snacks,rice crackers, herbs, spices, legumes, olive oil, beef jerky, noodles, egg noodles & pasta, fresh fruit & vegetables

In brief, you should know the following about us: our company was established in1968 and had been responsible for providing a wide variety of outstanding premium quality food products, and authentic processing techniques.

ALL logos, (except facebook), this website & all devices and most label designs displayed in this site are the Intellectual Property of the entity known as Gioia Food Products.They are ALL fully protected by the COPYRIGHT & TRADE MARK LAWS. Gioia, Pasta Gioia country girl device in period costume, are all OUR ® Registered Trade Marks in Australia authorised for use on ALL FOODS & FOOD SERVICES. Unauthorised use is illegal; IT CONSTITUTES BREACH OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. OFFENDERS ARE LIABLE FOR DAMAGES FOR PASSING-OFF. Be informed before proceeding, contact us directly for authorisation or consult a legal adviser, such as a Patent & Trade Mark Attorney. All other brand names and trade marks are the intellectual property of their respective owners, authorised &/or registered users, as applicable.

Traditional Maltese Biscuits. Proudly baked daily by the RAPA FAMILY. To order,  phone, or click this link: rapafamilybiscuits@hotmail.com 

To also display your quality product here, and promote your product via flyer inserts in our distrbution cartons to wholesalers and retailers, contact us now for cheap advertising rates. Click this link:    sales@gioiafoods.com                    

FOOT-OPERATED Heat Sealers for full details and all other models available Click  "PRODUCTS"

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